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Well, industrial training is very necessary. Not only for a person who lacks knowledge but also who are experts. There is no specialization that only the person who lags in skills should opt for this training. Digitechmate doesn’t follow these criteria. We are available for all the needy students who want to be a part of it.

Digitechmate is well known for its best classroom training. We give complete training to our students and build their knowledge to prepare them for the competing world, with practical knowledge and skills. Our specialization is that we create a complete working place environment for our students to be prepared for their professional life. Digitechmate is the best industrial training institute in Delhi NCR. We have categorized the training criteria into various types as per the student's requirement.

Live Project Based Training

This is the best way to train students as in this method, we offer live project-based training where students are provided with all technical solutions. If a student has created any project, and has stuck in and need help in any sort. In this case, you can ask for help from these consulting agencies. They will put their full efforts and time to get out you from the problem. We have our experts as well as consultants from Estivasoftech to help our students in their respective courses.

One of the best advantages of live project-based training is that queries are cleared on the spot. Through this method, students go through deep understandings.


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