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DIGITECHMATE is India's top-notch professional training academy which is in collaboration with ESTIVASOFTECH, a high software development, digital marketing, website development, and designing academy, based in New Delhi. We are the leading website design and development, UI/UX design, android development, digital marketing Academy.

Since 2013, we have completed numerous projects with ESTIVASOFTECH and trained many students who are now working and progressing with reputed agencies all over India. We involve our students in projects which help them to build their technical knowledge. We are a leading professional company to provide extensive training to the professionals, beginners, as well as job seekers. DIGITECHMATE and ESTIVASOFTECH, are here to give you support and prepare you according to the digital demand.

Our Aim

DIGITECHMATE works with a goal of training maximum to maximum people and providing them skill-based knowledge, enabling them to be self-employed and independent. We run with the thought of generating the utmost digital leaders for the future.



Joining Digitechmate can provide you with numerous benefits. Further, there will be a different era. Business and education are going to convert into the autonomous process. That is the reason, we prepare our students as per the demand created by the digital process.


The major and focusing point that makes Digitechmate different from others is that it is collaborating with a highly developed company. This will help our students to be updated through new technologies coming into the market. The students will also work under the guidance of professionalisms, which will enhance their learning quality as compare to the others and build a career according to company demand.


Apart from learning and practicing, our institute also conducts some activities related to the training and their creative visualization, which helps to develop an active conversation amongst the teachers and students. We also introduce our students with project planning skills, which can be a plus point in the future. These extra curriculum activities will increase their knowledge of their respective training.


Talking about the team and management. We have a staff of qualified and experienced trainers, which knows how to enlighten the students in their training. They are interactive, proper listeners and well educated to provide solutions to any problem of the student. We do not compromise with your future. And in context to that, we give maximum time to our students and focus on smart technologies. On the other hand, our management is also very particular towards their responsibilities. They know how to solve the queries raised by the students.

Our Methodology

  • THEORY/ CONTENT PLANNING Planning for your goals...
  • ANALYSIS/ VISUALISATION Research and interpretation...
  • VISUAL DESIGN/ DEVELOPMENT Performing unique skills...
  • TESTING/BUGFIX Identifying failure and rectifying...
  • LAUNCH Delivering the result...

Courses we Offer

Are you searching for an institute having all essential courses in one place?? So here we are having the best opportunity for you. We don't want our children to run around the world. Therefore, we have listed the best and useful courses for you. We introduce you to the trending courses of design, digital, and software. These are the upcoming courses that will be very useful in the future. Unlike other educational and training industries Digitechmate will also provide you knowledge of various courses. However, the methods are different from others. Our courses are broadly divided into professional courses (autonomous diploma) and short term courses (certificated diploma).

Our Management Team

As we know a team is the builder of any business. DIGITECHMATE is a team of design and development professionalisms, who are happy and enthusiastic about their work. They love to teach and share their knowledge amongst their students and help them in solving their issues. We maintain a friendly nature with our students to bring them out and shine.



  • Web development
  • Graphic design
  • Mobile app development
  • UI/UX designing
  • Digital marketing marketing
  • Motion graphics
  • UI/web front end designing
  • Tally


  • PPC development
  • SMM development
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • JavaScriptScript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Adobe XD
  • SEO development
  • MySQL


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